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Downstream - consultancy reimagined

Let the business flow with ease!

Downstream is a company highly dependent on the success of our clients. From the beginning, in 2020, we were building our success based on the success of our partners and clients, and all that going with the flow. Because that’s what downstream means. It means letting the business flow with ease, while holding the helm firmly in your hands and always staying in control. Growing your business with trust, comfort, and predictability.

That is our mission and purpose, that's why we started this business, and that's why we are successful in it.

After more than 20 years in the corporate world and international business in Europe and USA, we have settled in DFW metroplex, TX and decided to use the experience and knowledge we gathered to help startup founders, business owners and company executives improve their business results and efficiency.

Wanto to know more, meet and introduce, or just simply have a question or need some advice? Feel free to get in touch!