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Startup investor consulting

For present and future investors in the startups

Are you investing in startups or thinking about it? You know someone who has a great idea and is thinking about becoming their angel investor? How can you be sure this idea will actually make it to the market and generate profit?

Truth is, you can’t. There is no such thing as a completely safe investment with an ROI of 10x or even 40x as VCs like to see it. Especially if we know that about 90% of startups fail.

But… You can increase your chances. Significantly!

Knowing that the number one reason startups fail (in 72% of cases) is misreading market demand, makes you wonder. That’s where our expertise steps in. Let’s validate the idea. Test with real people and companies, what do they think, and would they buy it?

The founding team almost never can do this on their own because it’s their baby and it’s hard to be objective and harsh to your baby.

We have been there and done that. Multiple times. In most cases highly successful, but also made mistakes and learned from them. That’s called experience. Now, our team can deliver a truly clear and reliable estimate of the success of a startup idea, and guidance through the process of skyrocketing your future startup to the stars!

So, let us work with you and the founding team, validate the idea, and in the process, we will also create a good, independent, and accurate market scan, business model, heat map, and competition analysis.