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Align your strategy with how today's buyers ACTUALLY buy

Revenue is a not a sales metric, its a business metric!

Break the silos, no more sales and marketing misalignment and arguments about contribution and internal recognition.

We help companies change their sales and marketing strategies, tactics and execution so they can stop worrying about lead volume and start generating new revenue.

Start with yourself

How do YOU buy?

Just like yourselves, your prospects like to discover and understand things through peers, community, word-of-mouth, social media and their own research.

Gone are the days of cold emails, linkedin cold messages, inmails and phone calls. If you don't react to those, why do you expect your prospects to?

Hope is not a strategy!

Absolutely! Although this method is widely used in corporate world and later stage venture based startups, we have adapted it and developed workflow that works the best in small businesses and early stage startups. 

Most of our clients do not have more than 5-10 full time employees. 

Long-term thinking brings both long-term and short-term results. Short-term thinking does not being results. That simple!

How long will it take to see the first tangible results? Depends on how good you are at what you do. When we started with Downstream and implemented this system, we onboarded first client within 30 days.

Simple. You show off your knowledge and uniqueness. You build your authority. You define category for your product/service by showing how and why it is different and unique then the competition. You show them you really care about them and they reach out to you when they're ready to talk.

Actually you do! You do not need extra cash to engage with us. Our proven method for creating and managing demand works on optimizing the existing spend on sales and marketing to maximize the result. 

What is needed is dedication and trust, not new budget.

Hell yeah! This is actually one of our favorite use cases! 

Creating and managing demand for your product is the best way to hit the ground running with your new product/service.

We LOVE entrepreneurs and startup energy! And to put our money where our mouth is, we have special, discounted services bundle.

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We promise we will not engage you in yet another sales sequence and send you a ton of emails or phone calls that you do not want.

We understand we work with very smart people, and we respect their wishes and intelligence! 

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