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Tech support packages

Simplified to the bone, we want your business to flow with ease.

This means you shouldn’t have to worry about ANYTHING that has to do with technology (computers, servers, cell phones, hosting, cloud, emails, conferencing, software support, networks, internet… add whatever you can think of) or the safety of your digitized data.

That’s what we are here for.

Depending on your business size and complexity, number of employees, devices, and infrastructure, after one introductory call, we will give you the best offer, customized for your needs and budget.

We do love and utilize remote work, but we are also real people and there to partner with you for your peace of mind when it comes to technology, and you can always ask for advice too. We do love giving free advice! 😊

Custom fit - small businesses in a coworking space & home office

Pay only what you need and use when your business is one of many that's using benefits of coworking space
  • Support when you need it and where you need it - office or home office
  • Any device you're using - computer (Win, Mac or Chromebook), cell phone, tablet or even home TV or entertainment system or anything else you can think of
  • We heard what you're saying, and we know that in most cases you need support only a few times a month. Whenever you need more, we're still there, knowing your software and devices, and ready to jump in
  • $99/month - includes free initial assessment, and onboarding + 2 support requests per month

Starter Package

Entrepreneur or small business owner? Have trouble with your devices, software, or applications you're using? Every now and then you have a question how to get something going or which tool to buy for specific need? Don't waste time on googling and researching how to do it yourself. We gotcha!

10 support requests (questions, remote support, advice, whatever comes to your mind related to any kind of technology) per month for $349/month

To make a decision easier, initial onboarding, screening and catalogizing of all the systems and devices in use is included in the price.


Small Business

Everything you need not to worry about any technical or technology question, troubleshooting, looking up how to set up something on your phone, computer, email, or videoconference account or any other tool you might be using in your line of work.

25 support requests (questions, remote support, advice, whatever comes to your mind related to any kind of technology) per month for $499/month

Of course, as in Starter, initial onboarding and catalogizing of current technology assets is on us.

Advanced + Disaster recovery

You know the basics. On top of that added 10GB of ultra-secure disaster recovery backup.

75 support requests (questions, remote support, advice, whatever comes to your mind related to any kind of technology) per month for $1,199/month

Advanced + Security Monitoring

All the support you need, combined with security you must have. Licenses + monitoring service for up to 5 Windows or Mac OS based devices included.

50 support requests (questions, remote support, advice, whatever comes to your mind related to any kind of technology) per month for $1,199/month


What is a support request?

We define support request as any activity logged and initiated through email or ticketing system that was resolved by one of our team members remotely within 30 minutes timeframe

What if I have more support requests in a month than bought in the package?

If you have more than included in the package, we will still provide you with support at no additional charge and suggest changing the package for next month. If it is a one-time thing, we're all good. If it happens in the next few months, you will be charged $40/request. 

If you let us know in advance that you will have more, you can always buy them in bulk.

Additional support requests prices:

  • 10 - $299
  • 20 - $499
  • 30 - $599
  • 50 - $899
  • 100 - $1399


What devices do you cover?

We cover nearly all internet-connected devices. That includes but is not limited to: personal computers (PCs, Macs, Chromebook), smartphones (Android & iOS), printers, routers, and anything else you can think of.

If you have something really that specific that we have never troubleshoot it, well, we love learning too! We will get back to you with the answer.

Where is your tech support personnel physically located?

We work in two locations, one in Europe and one in the USA. If needed for our US clients, we can provide in person tech support in the area of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, TX.

How many employees or devices can I ask support for?

Unlimited! Unlike any other tech support company, we do not limit you to the number of employees or devices. We think it's fair that we charge only based on the time you're using our services. So our promise is, you always pay only for the time and effort you use!

Can I ask for the support for my personal devices?

Absolutely! As long as you are authorized by your company to use our services for private use, we will provide the support!